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Google Play Gift Card

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    Google Play is an endless world of entertainment and a Google Play Gift Card is your ticket in.

    Are looking for an original Christmas, birthday, or anniversary gift? Look no further, because Google Play Gift card is the ultimate gift for any Android user. Ever since 2012, Google Play has been the number one app store for Android users worldwide. With nearly 3 million apps available, Google Play will surely have something for everyone.

    If you are someone who likes to try out new apps and see all discover new and interesting features, then a Google Play Gift Card can be of help. Also, this can be an ideal solution for surprising your gaming friend who enjoys mobile games. With this card, you can purchase some of the latest apps and games, and have them on your phone or tablet within seconds. But it doesn’t end here. You can also access the latest music and thousands of movies, and enjoy them on your device no matter where you are.

    A Google Play Gift Card can also be the perfect gift for any book lover. Book fans can now have their favourite book in the palm of their hand within minutes by using the Google Play Gift Card to purchase it on Google Play. This can be an ideal solution for someone who spends a lot of time on the train or the bus, or for someone who just doesn’t want to leave the house to visit a nearby bookstore.


'Pig-Butchering' Scam Apps Sneak Into Apple's App Store and Google Play
'Pig-Butchering' Scam Apps Sneak Into Apple's App Store and Google Play

In the past year, a new term has arisen to describe an online scam raking in millions, if not billions, of dollars per year. It's called "pig butchering," and now even Apple is getting fooled into participating. From a report: Researchers from security firm Sophos said on Wednesday that they uncovered two apps available in the App Store that were part of an elaborate network of tools used to dupe people into putting large sums of money into fake investment scams. At least one of those apps also made it into Google Play, but that market is notorious for the number of malicious apps that bypass Google vetting. Sophos said this was the first time it had seen such apps in the App Store and that a previous app identified in these types of scams was a legitimate one that was later exploited by bad actors. Pig butchering relies on a rich combination of apps, websites, web hosts, and humans -- in some cases human trafficking victims -- to build trust with a mark over a period of weeks or months, often under the guise of a romantic interest, financial adviser, or successful investor. Eventually, the online discussion will turn to investments, usually involving cryptocurrency, that the scammer claims to have earned huge sums of money from. The scammer then invites the victim to participate. Once a mark deposits money, the scammers will initially allow them to make withdrawals. The scammers eventually lock the account and claim they need a deposit of as much as 20 percent of their balance to get it back. Even when the deposit is paid, the money isn't returned, and the scammers invent new reasons the victim should send more money. The pig-butchering term derives from a farmer fattening up a hog months before it's butchered. Read more of this story at Slashdot.